Fliers Claiming ‘Pizzagate' is ‘Real News' Alarm DC's Tenleytown Neighborhood

Residents in the Tenleytown neighborhood of northwest D.C. say they are feeling "rage, anger and disgust" after finding fliers on their fences and doors that claim the debunked "pizzagate" myth is real -- and deserves to be investigated again.

It was almost seven months ago that Edgar M. Welch was arrested after firing a gun inside Comet Ping Pong, a popular neighborhood pizza restaurant. Welch had said he wanted to "self investigate" wild online claims of a child sex ring at the restaurant.

"The intel on this wasn’t 100 percent," Welch said after he was arrested. He was sentenced in June to four years in jail.

Given the still-recent violence, neighbors were alarmed by the fliers, which read "pizzagate is real news and it is your moral obligation to educate yourself about it!"

"I'm all for free speech but I think this goes beyond free speech into issues of public safety," said Craig Williams, who received one of the fliers.

At Welch's sentencing, the judge said that even though Welch didn't harm anyone, his unsound actions "literally left psychological wreckage."

The fliers turned up sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. At least one neighbor called police, though it's unclear what action, if any, could be taken. 

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