Fitness Forward: Virginia Hotel Rooms Have Mini-Gyms Inside

Active people who visit the Washington, D.C. area now have a new option: hotel rooms in McLean, Virginia now have mini gyms in the rooms.

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The rooms are a normal size, but two big chairs and a table were removed and replaced with gear.

nOn a recent tour of the rooms, Hilton executive Melissa Walker said the rooms let busy travelers roll out of bed and work out.

n"You don't have to worry about hair, makeup, brushing your teeth. You can work out in your pajamas," she said. "The convenience factor is so, so important when you're trying to juggle and balance everything on a busy business trip."
Special fitness options now are available at a number of hotels. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts offer some guests workout apparel, yoga mats and sneakers. Affinia Hotels, located in New York and D.C., offers its guests bikes and helmets, plus free kits that include fitness gear. And Even Hotels, in Maryland, offers in-room fitness equipment to guests who request it.
Courtesy of Hilton
The Hilton "Five Feet to Fitness" rooms cost an extra $45 per night and are in McLean, Virginia and San Francisco. They soon will be available in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York and San Diego.
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