First Look: Museum of the Bible Opens Near the National Mall

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Guests will be welcomed to the museum by two 37-foot bronze gates.
The doors are inscribed with the first 80 lines of Genesis as they were written in Latin for the Gutenberg Bible, according to the museum's website.
The first floor of the museum has space for temporary exhibits, stained glass, libraries and a children's area.

The owners of Hobby Lobby, were fined $3 million after importing artifacts for the museum that were looted from sites in Iraq and imported under improper labels.
The museum aims to attract children and adults alike.

n"Some people will try to make it controversial because it is about a controversial book, but the truth is we want to reach all people and engage all people," Zeiss said.
“When people walk away, we want them to think they’ve had a wonderful experience at the museum," Zeiss said.
The controversy does create a security concern for museum sponsors and visitors, so the museum has taken steps to keep visitors safe.
The museum offers free admission. Reserve tickets here.
The ceilings are adorned with art.
A life-sized replica of Nazareth allow visitors to immerse themselves in Biblical times.
The museum director says they use technology and art to share stories.
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