Watch: #FireAlarmRat Pulls Alarm at DC Condo, Forcing Out Residents

Move over, Pizza Rat. These are some next-level rodent hijinks

What to Know

  • A Washington, D.C., rat has gone viral after pulling a fire alarm
  • Residents had to leave their condo building in Northwest after the alarm sounded, but there was no fire
  • Surveillance footage showed the true culprit: One of D.C.'s many, many rats

A rat in Washington, D.C., found a whole new way to ruin your day.

Residents of a condo building hustled out of their homes last summer when the fire alarm sounded.

But there was no fire. No one knew what had happened until they checked surveillance footage showing an empty area near an emergency door.

The rat was caught red-handed in a viral video that has Twitter wondering: Why?

The debacle started without any unusual activity, as the rat sniffed and scurried up a metal railing. It pawed toward the alarm.

Maybe it was an attractive color, or maybe a crumb lingered on top. Either way, after a cursory sniff, the rat took a leap.

Its front two paws immediately grabbed the white handle of the fire alarm, pulling it.

The rat made an effort to hold on, pulling at the alarm again while performing a fairly impressive pullup.

But it wasn't enough to save the rodent from tumbling onto the floor. It wasn't seen again. The surveillance video shows alarm lights flashing.

Move over, Pizza Rat. These are some next-level rodent hijinks.

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