Fenty's Done With Elective Politics

Just seven months ago, former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty handed over the city seal to Mayor Vincent Gray and effectively dropped out of sight in city politics.

Fenty has been seen all over national television talking about education reform – his signature issue – but not a peep out of him about Sulaimon Brown scandal allegations or the criminal investigations of Kwame Brown’s campaign committee or allegations that Ward 5 Council member Harry Thomas took hundreds of thousands of dollars in city money for his own enrichment.

Nope, the former mayor and council member is saying that he’s giving the new leaders space “without me commenting or interfering.”

Fenty spoke to News4 and NBCWashington.com outside of the Palm Restaurant downtown, where he was meeting with local attorney Bruce Klores. Fenty is going to be a special counsel with the Klores firm, which focuses on malpractice, product liability and other legal issues.

Despite appeals to him that he consider running for public office again, Fenty on Thursday firmly kept that door closed.

He reminded us that he had said the same thing the day after the September primary he had lost --  that he was done with elective politics. Now seven months into 2011, he said he’s not changing his mind.

“Are you out of elective politics,” we asked.  “Yes,” he said. “I had a great run.” He said he appreciated the opportunity to serve the citizens both on the council and in the mayor’s office but that is behind him now.

For those hoping Fenty will change his mind, he sounded pretty clear. He did say he might get active in city issues again, but not as a candidate for public office. He said he was still exploring ways he might be involved.

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