Fenty Reiterates Kids' Public School Pledge

Obama kids, meanwhile, will continue attending good school

Democratic politicians in urban areas frequently come under attack for sending their kids to private schools. Because on the one hand, they all love to pump money into the failing public schools to make them un-fail, but on the other, there's no way in Hell they'd send their actual children to those filthy places. Except for D.C.'s own Adrian Fenty, that is!

Last night, Fenty attended a community meeting at the Deanwood Civic Association in Ward 7, where the public schools are basically terrible. Fenty -- who just returned from a secret quest in Dubai -- took some heat from the attendees for not having fixed their kids' schools yet.

Among these people was activist Alicia Rucker, and she made it personal, according to the Washington Post:

She was particularly upset that charter schools have been growing, while DCPS, with about 45,000 students, has seen its enrollment shrink annually.

Then Rucker delivered the kicker: "When I see Sasha and Malia [Obama] and your twin sons attend DCPS, only then will I believe that we are world class."

Yeah well the Obamas are too famous for free schools, so there. Fenty, however, responded to Rucker, "I've always said, 'When my kids finish the school they started when they were 2 years old, they will go to DCPS.' "

The Fenty Boys currently attend a "private academy" that runs through third grade, arbitrarily. They're in third grade now, so it's almost time for Fenty to put up or shut up.

On the other hand, who cares, right?

Jim Newell will attend DCPS when he finishes writing for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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