Fenty: Not As Popular As He Used To Be

New poll finds D.C. mayor’s popularity fading

This isn’t what a D.C. mayor wants to hear the year of an election. According to a new Washington Post poll, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty’s popularity is fading fast.

Back in 2008, Mayor Adrian Fenty had a 72% approval rating. This year, it’s only 42%.

More specifically, Mayor Fenty is losing steam among African Americans. During his first year in office, African Americans gave him a 68% approval rating. The recent poll shows that 65% of African Americans now disapprove of him.

The Mayor is also losing approval from people when asked if he’s reducing crime, improving public schools and helping to create jobs.

Fenty, a Democrat, is up for re-election in November. One person speculated to run against him is D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray. The Washington Post survey found that if an election was held today, 35% of Democrats would vote for Gray, while only 31% would vote for Fenty.

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