FedEx to Host Penn State-Indiana in 2010

FedEx Field's ready for some college football

Fedex Field has already had the privilege of ruining the pro football experience for fans, why not the college game as well?

With the EagleBank Bowl a rousing success, the D.C. area is sure to welcome the news that the oft-bemoaned home of the Redskins' will be the venue for an Indiana and Penn State contest in November 2010.

Of course, if marginal college football programs ye seek, it's not like College Park is more than a stone's throw from Landover.

Under the arrangement, Indiana will receive $3,000,000 and will be responsible for selling 7,000 seats. The game will be shown by one of the Big Ten Conference's television partners.

You grant them use of a 91,000 seat stadium and they're only responsible for filling less than a tenth of it? That's not the shrewd money-first Dan Snyder negotiation tactics we're accustomed to!

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