Federal Contractor Collected Pay From NSA, OPM for Hours He Didn't Work: Prosecutors

A federal contractor bilked the National Security Agency and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management for about $70,000 by doctoring his time sheets and collecting money for hours he didn’t work, according to court documents.

Daniel Glauber was scheduled to enter a plea agreement on the charges in Washington, D.C., Monday.

The OPM, which oversees the U.S. federal workforce, was unaware Glauber was working for the NSA during his employment with OPM, court filings from attorneys said. The NSA was unaware Glauber was working for OPM during his employment with NSA, the filing said.

According to a filing from federal prosecutors, the scheme was executed in 2012.

“(Glauber), in most instances during this time period, generally would start his day by working approximately four to six hours at NSA and then approximately two to four hours at OPM," prosecutors said. "(Glauber) would submit fraudulent time sheets often claiming that he worked more hours at each agency.”

In their filings, prosecutors said Glauber submitted time sheets indicating he had worked at OPM on at least 17 days when he did not show at the OPM worksite.

Glauber’s attorney did not immediately return requests for comment.

According to prosecutors’ filings, the Office of Personnel Management notified the NSA that Glauber was under investigation.

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