FBI: Stabbed Pentagon Officer Also Shot With His Own Gun

The suspect, identified by multiple law enforcement officials as Austin William Lanz, 27, was killed Tuesday morning after stabbing the officer in the neck and shooting him in the head, authorities said

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The Pentagon Force Protection Agency officer who was killed in the line of duty Tuesday was not only stabbed but also shot, the FBI confirmed.

The FBI says Austin Lanz attacked Officer George Gonzalez on the bus ramp outside the Pentagon about 10:40 a.m. Tuesday, stabbing the officer before taking his gun and shooting him.

“I’m hearing that the assailant walked up behind the officer, stabbed the officer in the neck,” D.C. Fraternal Order of Police President GG Neil said. “They struggled. As the officer went down, he was trying to get his weapon out. The assailant picked up the weapon, fired shots and shot the officer in the head.”

Neil said he spoke with sources in the Pentagon Force Protection Agency who fear retaliation if they speak out.

News4 has been looking at a timeline of the incident, reviewing video and audio that reveal there may have been some confusion as to what was happening at the Pentagon and help was not immediately sent to the scene.

Public safety advocate Dave Statter heard the shots and turned on his camera and listened to police and fire radio traffic.

“There was a delay, it seemed, getting Arlington fire, EMS and police of about 12 to 13 minutes,” Statter said. “I have a scanner here — I had it on — and I didn’t hear them being dispatched right away.”

News4's Paul Wagner reports on the Pentagon police officer killed in an attack at a Metro bus station.

Statter said he heard a U.S. Park Police officer make a call to Arlington police.

“We got reports of, they had shots fired one down at the Pentagon Metro,” a U.S. Park Police officer said. “Do you have anything further?”

“We spoke with Pentagon PD. They verified there were shots fired but did not request assistance from us or fire department,” a dispatcher replied. “We have nothing further.”

The Arlington County Fire Department declined to comment, citing the FBI investigation.

Neil said he has also been told Gonzalez was working by himself when there should have been two officers present.

“I’ve been there before and seen at least four,” he said. “If there was a problem with the way the scene was handled, we need to bring that out, let the media know, let the public know what happened and take steps to correct it.”

A spokesperson for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency declined to answer questions, citing the FBI investigation.

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