FBI Launches Ad Campaign Encouraging People to Report Hate Crimes

Buses, billboards and gas stations will all display FBI ads

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The FBI launched an ad campaign to encourage people to report hate crimes.

Hate crime reports have been rising all across the country. According to the FBI, last year saw a 13% increase of hate crimes nationally.

The FBI's new public awareness campaign will feature ads with hotline numbers on public places, encouraging residents to come forward with reports on hate crimes.

Attacks on people based on how they look, how they act or how they worship are considered hate crimes.

"The FBI defines a hate crime as a criminal offense against an individual or property that’s motivated by bias ... That bias can be based on race, religion, disability, sex, gender identity," said Wayne Jacobs, Special Agent at the FBI Washington Field Office.

Race was the number one motivator for hate crimes last year, with 35% of targets being African Americans. Yet one category, showed striking numbers.

"Nationally, we saw a 72% increase in hate crime incidents against Asian Americans. It’s a troubling number for us to see," said Jacobs.

As for religious hate crimes, the Jewish community, followed by Muslims and Sikhs where the most attacked.

Sexual orientation followed as a leading motivator for hate crimes in the United States.

Report hate crimes or provide tips to the FBI by calling 1 800-call-FBI.

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