Father, Grandmother Continue Search for Hoggle Children

A year since two Montgomery County children disappeared, their father and grandmother remain determined to find out what happened to them.

Sarah Hoggle would be 4 now, and Jacob Hoggle would be 3.

Their mother, Catherine Hoggle, struggled with mental illness and feared her children would be taken from her, said her mother, Lindsey Hoggle. Catherine Hoggle wanted to escape, run away with her children.

Catherine Hoggle said she left her children with someone where they would be safe, but she has provided no other details, leaving their father, Troy Turner, searching for his kids and often finding himself in Arora Hill Local Park, where they used to play.

“There are nights when I wind up pulling in here at three in the morning,” he said. “When I can’t sleep at night, I just get out of bed, drive up here, sit here and think.”

Catherine Hoggle has been receiving treatment in a hospital and is deemed incompetent to stand trial for child neglect. Investigators want to pursue a homicide case against her.

“Unfortunately to believe that there will be a time when all the sudden magically the fog will clear and she’ll be able to give some information that would solve this mystery, and this case really is a mystery, I think is just a faulty premise,” said David Felsen, lawyer for Catherine Hoggle.

Catherine Hoggle will be in court next week.

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