New Year's Day

Family Welcomes Baby Girl at GW Hospital Minutes After Midnight on New Year's Day

Liona Hauger made her entrance into the world over a month early, on New Year's Day.

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One D.C. family celebrated the New Year in an unforgettable way -- by welcoming a baby girl just minutes after midnight.  

Liona Hauger, born at 12:03 a.m., was the first baby of the new year for George Washington University Hospital.  

If there’s a lesson left behind by the year 2020, it’s that things don’t always go according to plan.

Expecting mom Szu Ko and her husband Philipp Hauger from Capitol Hill planned to welcome their first child in February.

So the couple was shocked when Thursday night, over a month away from her due date, Ko went into labor. 

“The most important thing is the hospital bag, [which] we did not have. So we were like last minute panicking,” she said. 

But even still, they did make it to the hospital in time for baby Liona to make her entrance into the world. 

“She was really brave in coming out to the world during this time and she gave us really nice hope,” Ko said. 

Being pregnant during a pandemic had its challenges, Ko said. They wanted a doula for the birth, but it wasn’t possible due to restrictions on guests.

Some of Ko’s medical appointments had to be done virtually, too. 

Despite it all, the proud parents say they’re grateful for a healthy baby girl.

“Everything is new, everything is exciting. Even changing the first diapers feels like an adventure,” Hauger said. 

It’s a new beginning for the family, as they shower their little girl with lots of love. That part, at least, has gone exactly according to plan. 

“2020 I think was a challenging year for most people, but then it really feels like it gives a hope of a new year, new beginning,” Ko said. 

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