Family Searches for Mystery Woman Who Saved Virginia Man’s Life

A Virginia family is searching for the woman who helped save their loved one's life after a serious crash in Fort Washington, Maryland.

Jorge Mondino, 73, of McLean, Virginia, was talking by phone Saturday afternoon about lunch plans with his wife when her end of the line suddenly went dead. Mondino was involved in a multi-vehicle accident on Route 210 at Palmer Road. He had a heart attack.

Prince George's County Officer Dale Sollars heard over his radio about a crash and headed to the scene. When he arrived, someone already was there helping. 

"There was a woman already doing chest compressions. She was wearing tan scrubs. She looked doctor-ish," Sollars said. "I said, 'I'm here to assist you, ma'am. How can I help?' She said, 'Take over chest compressions.'" 

An EMT rushed Mondino to a hospital, and the woman left before anyone could get her name. 

She was white, wore glasses and had dark blonde hair to the middle of her back, Sollars said. She stood about 5-foot-5, had been in a red Silverado pickup truck with her husband and said she lived in Garrett County. 

Mondino's family got to thank Sollars on Thursday. 

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Dr. Marta Mondino, Jorge Mondino's wife said. 

Now, they want to thank the mystery woman. 

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