Family Calls for Changes to Maryland Crosswalk After Death of 10-Year-Old Son

One family is calling for changes to be made to a Maryland road after the death of their 10-year-old son.

James Maples was hit by a car on Sunday, April 10 while riding his bike in Waldorf.

"I'm thankful that I did not actually see the accident itself, but I saw him in the middle of the road," said James' mother Elvira Elek.

The accident happened on McDaniel road. James was on his bicycle in the crosswalk when the driver apparently didn't see him and struck him, police said.

"My initial [thought] was that he was gonna be OK. Like, he may be in the hospital for a while but he was gonna be OK cause stuff like that doesn't happen," Elek said.

But James suffered a traumatic brain injury and tied two days after he was struck.

Police said the driver stopped after the crash and asked to help. She has not been charged.

"If they could prove that she was on her phone or if they could prove that she was driving too fast or if they could prove something, then I would've definitely wanted to see charges filed," Elek said.

But as police currently have no evidence to file charges, James' parents are focusing on pushing for changes that she said would make the crosswalk safer.

They said they want more signs telling drivers to yield for walkers and bike riders and rumble strips on the road.

"Rumble strips won't damage people's cars, but it will at least wake them up a little bit," Elek said.

Elek said she hopes drivers will learn from their loss so no other families have to experience the same pain.

"Nothing is worth getting some place a minute faster. Nobody's life is worth that."

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