Construction Worker Crushed, Killed by Log

A one-ton log that rolled off a truck in Arlington, Virginia, fatally crushed a construction worker Wednesday. 

Police say crews were removing trees from a home under construction in the 4800 block of Rock Spring Road near Washington Country Club late Wednesday afternoon.

Several large trees had been removed from the property during what appeared to be a major renovation. Around 6 p.m., neighbors said they heard a loud thud and a yell. 

"He was attempting to secure it to the back of a flat-bed truck," Dustin Sternbeck with Arlington County Police said. "That section of the trunk rolled off, ultimately crushing him."

Other workers at the site tried to rescue 30-year-old Franklin Talley of Spotsylvania, but they were unable to save him. 

An inspector with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration responded to the crash as well. 

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