Fallen Officer's Widow Focusing on Their 3 Children

Police week is about honoring those who serve and protect. This weekend several local events are planned to do just that. Among those taking part is Robin Yung of Warrenton, Va. The mother of three lost her husband, Officer Chris Yung, in the line of duty on New Years' Eve.

“(Chris) left for work around 9 o’clock, because he was running kind of late and was trying to fix the kitchen sink." Robin continued, "So he was pretty much rushing out the door. But he stopped and we gave each other a kiss, and said ‘I love you.’”
Those were the last words the couple shared before Prince William County police officer Chris Yung headed off to work.
Robin then took her three kids to a movie. When it was over she knew something was wrong.
"And immediately when I turned the phone back on, I noticed I had multiple missed calls and texts,” Robin said.
About 2 p.m. Officer Yung offered to respond to an emergency call. Lights and sirens on, he turned his motorcycle down Nokesville Road in Bristow. At the same time the driver of a minivan turned in front of him. The charred aftermath brought dozens of officers to the scene.
Friends escorted Robin to the hospital. She kept hoping for the best.
“And once the doctor said, ‘Your husband was in an accident and it was fatal,’ my heart just sunk,” Robin said. “He looked very peaceful. I gave him a kiss on his forehead and I just said to rest.”
Almost five months later it's still hard for Robin Yung to get through a sentence about her husband. Her focus is now on her three children, ages 11, 9 and 6. At first her youngest child struggled to understand. Robin told us, “She kept asking when daddy was going to come home from the hospital. It took her a little while to realize.”
When asked if she ever thinks about the driver of that van, Robin said, “I guess I could be angry, when I really think about it. But I try not to, because I feel like it’s not going to get me anywhere. It’s not going to solve anything. It’s not going to bring him back.”
Robin says she finds peace visiting Chris. She goes to his grave once a week.
“I bring him flowers and I sit there," Robin said. "And I tell him how the kids are. And that they miss him. And that I miss him.”

Robin also said that if it wasn't for the community, especially the police community, she's not quite sure how she would be able to cope with her husband's death.

A grand jury indicted the driver of the van, Margaret Leucke, on a reckless driving charge in connection with Officer Yung's death. A two-day jury trial is set for July 15. Robin plans to follow the case until the end.

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