Fake Wizards Take Court In Upcoming Vince Vaughn Movie

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The real Washington Wizards lost to the real New York Knicks 108-87 at Madison Square Garden Friday, but during halftime, a group of fake Wizards and fake Knicks took the court as part of a shoot for "actor/comedian" -- I use both terms lightly -- Vince Vaughn's newest film, "Delivery Man."

The film centers around "a former sperm donor [who] finds out years later that he fathered hundreds of kids and now many of them want to meet him," a figure that will likely be larger than the amount of people who will actually enjoy this movie. I'm sure Vaughn wishes he could just live in 2005 forever, but I digress.

Here are some shots taken by attendees of Friday's game:

(Photo credit: Instagram - p_g22)

(Photo credit: @staceysager7)

D.C. Sports Nexus has more on the shoot, including GIFs of some guy named Dickerson running over a Knick before a fake Raymond Felton and others enter the fray. 

Meanwhile, I was able to identify one of the fake Wizards -- Chris Sloan, who you can see wearing No. 24 and standing on the sideline direclty to the left of one of the coaches in the second photo -- but he told me that he signed a contract not to speak about the film until its release, which is set for sometime in 2013. I completely understand. I mean, if I had to play Jan Vesely, I wouldn't want to talk about it either.

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