Fairfax County Police Stop HOV Driver Using Dummy as Passenger

Fairfax County Police caught a driver in the HOV lane using a dummy as a "passenger," they say.

The department posted a picture on their Facebook page Wednesday, writing, "Our Fairfax County Police Department spotted a dummy aiding an HOV violator. Officers report the hair gave it away."

The image shows a well-dressed mannequin with a long, shaggy haircut seat-belted into the passenger seat of a car. He looks like he's ready for work, wearing a pressed, striped button-down shirt.

But there's something wrong that's not easily visible from the window: he's missing a lower body.

One Facebook commenter said, "The real dummy is the one in the driver's seat ... since he chose to be dishonest ... but he didn't even attempt to make the legless one look real. I'd have at least cut his hair and put sunglasses on him."

Another shared a previous experience, writing, "I actually saw this SUV and dummy last year in the HOV lane ... did a double take!! Couldn't believe someone was actually doing this ... wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes!!!"

According to the Virginia Department of Transportation, the punishment for a first violation of HOV rules is a $250 fine.

A New York woman also recently got caught with a dummy in the passenger seat. She was caught with folded clothes and a hat staged to look like a person.

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