Fairfax County Police Chief Addresses Fatal Police-Involved Shooting

Fairfax County's police chief is promising to address concerns about the use of force during a fatal police- involved shooting in the Springfield area.

John Geer, 46, of Pebble Brook Court, was killed by police last month after barricading himself in his home.

Officers were called about a domestic disturbance that may involve a weapon.

Police used a tanker to knock down Geer's front door before going inside.

Neighbors have questions about the extent of police action when they saw a tank rolling down their street.

Police Chief Ed Roessler said the shooting is still an active criminal investigation so he can't provide more information about what happened, or address neighborhood concerns just yet.

"It's my goal when I can legally share that information with the community, I will," Roessler told News4.

But Roessler said he has no timetable about when that might happen.

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