She Said Yes: Fairfax Officer Helps With Adorable Promposal

"It was an incredible experience," the officer said. "Especially to see [the girl's] look when I explained."

A Fairfax County police officer has taken our hearts into custody by helping a Woodson High School student with a very official promposal.

Lauren wasn’t clued in when Lt. Doyle knocked on her door early in the morning, saying a suspicious teenager had been spotted in her yard. Lauren stepped outside to see who was hanging around.

She was very surprised, Fairfax police said on Facebook, when her boyfriend, Grant, stepped out of a police car. He wasn’t escaping from capture, though; he was holding flowers and a sign with an important question.

The sign read: “Lauren, police go to prom with me?”

She said yes, police said. 

"It was an incredible experience especially to see Lauren’s look when I explained why I was at the house to when she saw Grant step out of the police car," Doyle said in an email.

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Doyle told News4 that he met Grant's father years ago, and Grant's dad reached out because his son wanted to make his prom request special.

"Grant planned the event out by coordinating the date and time with Lauren’s parents while we developed the ruse together," Doyle said.

Doyle gladly went above and beyond his typical police duties for the community.

"This area is blessed with great community members who truly appreciate their law enforcement officers," he wrote. "I, along with the rest of law enforcement, greatly appreciate all the support from them."

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