Fairfax County Schools to Close for ‘Historic' Primary Election

Fairfax County public schools will be closed Tuesday, March 1 during Virginia's presidential primary.

The Fairfax County School Board announced Thursday night that all 167 schools in the district will be closed, as 124 schools will be used a polling sites.

"In light of historic turnouts in primaries across the country in the past few weeks, it is anticipated that voter turnout in Fairfax County will likewise result in historic numbers of voters," a statement from the board said.

Record voter turnout in other states led the board to believe parking, building access and conducting a normal school day could be difficult on Super Tuesday.

Electoral board Secretary Kate Hanley said last month she was worried voters protesting a planned "GOP loyalty pledge" could cause trouble at the polls -- at schools -- if they protested the requirement.

Supporters of Donald Trump went to court to try to block the rule, which would have required voters to sign a statement affirming "I am a Republican" before being allowed to cast a ballot in the primary.

Earlier this month, the Virginia Board of Elections approved a request to rescind the loyalty pledge requirement.

School offices, central offices and child care will remain open March 1. It will not be necessary for students to make up the day later, the board said.

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