Fairfax County Police Use Helicopter to Find and Arrest Armed Robbery Suspect

An armed robbery suspect who tried to evade police by hiding under someone's deck was arrested after Fairfax County police used their "eye in the sky."

Prince William County police officers responded to an attempted robbery at a convenience store on Featherstone Road in Woodbridge about 1:10 a.m. Monday.

Officers searched the area, but couldn't find the suspect. Less than an hour later, another call for an armed robbery came in at a nearby convenience store and officers determined it was the same suspect.

While searching the area, they saw the 17-year-old suspect at a third store, but he ran away, police said.

That's when police called for backup in the form of Fairfax 1 - the Fairfax County Police Department's helicopter.

Officers in the helicopter used an infrared camera system to find the teenager hiding underneath the deck of a home on Chico Court and guided Prince William County officers so they could make the arrest.

The suspect has been charged with robbery. He was not identified.

Watch video of the search below:

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