Fairfax Connector Workers Threaten Another Strike in Battle with Transdev

Fairfax Connector Bus 111119

Fairfax Connector bus drivers are preparing for another strike this week after a failed three-month-long contract negotiation with Transdev.

More than 500 Fairfax Connector workers went on strike in December calling for better pay, benefits and working conditions. Transdev was forced to shutdown 85 percent of their service, leaving close to 30,000 commuters disrupted.

The bus drivers agreed to go back to work after four days when Transdev promised to renegotiate workers' contracts and Fairfax County officials intervened to help with the process.

"We do reserve the right to walk off the job again if the good faith bargaining by Transdev disappears,” ATU International President John Costa said in December.

Fairfax Connector drivers went on strike Thursday as negotiations between their union and Transdev, the contractor that operates the bus service, fell apart. Nearly 30,000 riders are left to find other ways to get to work with only a few buses in service being operated by non-union drivers. News4’s Adam Tuss reports.

Workers are now talking about another strike as soon as Thursday because they feel that Transdev and Fairfax County are not acting in "good faith."

“Transdev has once again pushed our members to the brink,” said Costa in a press release on Monday. “While we remain committed to negotiating with Transdev to reach a fair and just contract, we are disappointed that Fairfax County hasn’t stepped in as promised to ensure Transdev gives our members — who serve their community — the fair contract they deserve. We are once again left with no other option but to strongly consider walking off the job again later this week.”

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