Fairfax Co. Police Believe 19 Burglaries Are Related

Police in Fairfax County, Virginia, believe a string of 19 burglaries could be related.

The break-ins occurred over the past few months — some in broad daylight -- with half of them in the West Springfield/Fairfax Station area. Seven of the targeted homes are in the same subdivision off Ox Road. The houses bear other similarities as well; most have long driveways and back up to wooded areas.

While the specifics of each crime differentiate, every single burglary was costly. The thieves focus on fine jewelry and flatware. In just one home, they stole $110,000 worth of those goods.

Aragorn Smith lost over $35,000 when his house was broken into, but he said the monetary losses aren’t what’s most upsetting.

“They headed straight for our silver, that’s what sucks,” Smith said. “Great-Grandma brought it over on her lap on the boat … We can’t even get that [now]."

Police said they are trying to figure out who’s behind these crimes, but at the moment they don’t have any sort of suspect description.

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