Fairfax Board Submits Silver Line Names

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors forwarded the following names of Silver Line Metro stops to WMATA Tuesday for consideration:

  • McLean
  • Tysons Corner
  • Greensboro
  • Spring Hill
  • Wiehle-Reston East
  • Reston Town Center
  • Herndon
  • Innovation Center

This is the second try for the Board. Their first list was criticized by Metro as being too repetitive. They went back to the "writing" board, surveyed the community and got 16,000 responses with suggestions.

"I think the names the Board has forwarded ... will assist the rider," said Supervisor Jeff McKay. "This is a much clearer set of names that will assist the riders for the future."

But Supervisor Linda Smith urged the Board to consider a name other than "Greensboro Park" for the stop that would be on Route 7 near Tysons.

"Frankly most people don't think of this area as Greensboro Park ... it's where the SAIC redevelopment will be and it will be commercial ... this will not be helpful for people in the future."

The board decided to drop "Park" and just suggest "Greensboro" for the station.

There was also concern about "Innovation" for the stop at Route 28 possibly sounding too vague or Disneyesque. The Board changed it to "Innovation Center."

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