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‘Extremely Vulnerable': DC Rescue Group Raises Alarm About Stolen Puppies

"Anyone who unsuspectingly bought or was given one of Godiva’s puppies will not be held liable," the Humane Rescue Alliance said

Humane Rescue Alliance

Washington, D.C.'s Humane Rescue Alliance is asking for help tracking down five young puppies who have been stolen and need to be reunited with their mother.

The group said it's "desperately concerned" about the current and long-term wellbeing of the missing puppies.

The puppies' mother, Godiva, was in the care of the HRA this summer, but she was transferred to a foster home in August with her puppies after she gave birth, the group said. Later that month, the HRA got a call about an abandoned dog who had been tied to a pole. The dog turned out to be Godiva.

Five of Godiva's seven puppies are missing. The Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) said the puppies were "separated from their mother at the extremely vulnerable age of just 3 ½-weeks-old." The puppies may have been sold or given to unsuspecting buyers or adopters, the HRA said.

"They are infants who need to be with their mothers and littermates until they are 8 to 10 weeks old," the rescue group said.

Two of the puppies, now 5 weeks old, have been found so far.

The first was located last weekend, after HRA officers executed a search and seizure warrant at the address where the puppies were suspected of living. That search yielded just one of of the seven. That puppy, named Glitter, has been reunited with her mother.

The rescue group said Thursday afternoon that they've now found a second puppy after a community member came forward. Vets examined the puppy, named Aries, and determined he was relatively healthy, the group said in an update. Aries will be reunited with his mother and sister as soon as possible, the HRA said.

A $7,500 reward is being offered to find the remaining puppies.

"Anyone who unsuspectingly bought or was given one of Godiva’s puppies will not be held liable," the group said.

Anyone who might have information about any of the puppies or anyone who might have been given or purchased one is urged to contact the HRA. Any tips can be anonymously reported to the organization at 202-723-5730; press option 1.

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