Expert Advice for Driving on Ice

A few simple strategies can help drivers avoid trouble when they take to the icy roads.

Fernando Carvajal, who teaches Montgomery County police officers defensive driving techniques, opened up the untreated test track and demonstrated how ice and speed lead to slipping and sliding.

Carvajal knows too well what can happen when dangerous drivers are on the roads.

“I had my fair share of going to people’s homes and telling them that their loved one wasn’t coming home,” he said.

But there are some basic ways to reduce the risks:

  • The most important: Watch your speed. If you go slow you can recover fast.
  • If you do find yourself spinning out, pumping the brakes isn’t always the best move. Most vehicles have anti-lock brakes. Instead, keep your feet off the pedals and your hands on the wheel.
  • Turn toward the direction you eventually want to stop.

The ultimate advice is to know your car. A lot of car makers anticipate the problems and equip the vehicle for you to keep you on course in any weather.

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