Expect Lots of the White Stuff This Winter

As December quickly approaches, winters of years past cross the minds of many. For some, snow is as much part of winter as is hot chocolate or a cozy blanket. The thought of what this winter will bring is no doubt a question many Washingtonians want to know.

News4's legendary meteorologist Bob Ryan is forecasting more snow than average this year -- 20 inches, in fact.

"It really looks like a different upper air pattern than last winter … meaning I think there will be more snow than average this winter, more than 20 inches in Washington, and a chance for at least one big nor’easter," he said.

According to Ryan, D.C. has had less than average snowfall for eight of the past 10 winters, but there are hints that this winter could be different because of a mild El Niño pattern potentially creating more storms in the South.

"The temperature of the winter months December through February are below average … a cold snowy winter," he predicted.

Other News4 staffers offered their takes on snow this winter.

"I think I might have to help you shovel, Bob," said meteorologist Veronica Johnson.

"Hope it's not as cold as previous winters because I don't want to take my stick out and measure all that stuff you predict," reporter Pat Collins told Ryan, referring to his favorite winter prop.

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