Exclusive: Male Student Suspended for Wearing a Skirt

Warren Evans says school officials are unfairly targeting him

A male student was suspended from a southern Maryland school for wearing girls’ clothing, and the incident has sparked a big controversy in Calvert County.

Warren Evans, an openly bisexual student at Calvert High School, was suspended for violating the school’s dress code by wearing a skirt.

Evans says the school is discriminating against him and does not believe he violated any dress code.

"I don't think so. Why not? It didn’t say anywhere in the code of conduct or dress code that says boys can't dress like girls,” Evans commented.

The school district’s dress code policy states schools can regulate dress or even hair lengths.

Students at the school told News4’s Shomari Stone that female students wear skirts of the same length that Evans wore, but they were not suspended.

School officials will not comment on the suspension. They did say the dress code applies to all students, regardless of gender.

Some parents agree with school officials, saying it’s a distraction for their kids when a boy dresses up like a girl in the classroom. Others simply say it’s not appropriate.

But Evan’s father disagrees stating, “Some people aren’t tolerant of that type of thing”.

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