Ex-George Mason Professor Accused of Secretly Recording Sex With Student

A George Mason University professor – and former Navy commander and FBI special agent – allegedly secretly recorded a sexual encounter with a student, according to Arlington Police.

Adjunct Professor James Feldkamp, 53, had a consenting sexual relationship with the student, but she never consented to him recording their encounters, police said.

In September, the student saw a camera inside Feldkamp’s apartment in the 3000 block of South Randolph Street and viewed video of them having sex.

He downplayed the recording like it wasn’t a big deal, and she contacted police the next day.

"We got a search warrant and found one encounter with the woman in the camera," said Ashley Savage of Arlington Police.

Police arrested Feldkamp in November after several weeks building a case.

Feldkamp met the student on campus, but she wasn’t one of his students at the time of the incident, Savage said.


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Feldkamp worked at GMU for the past eight years, teaching a specialty course on the theory and practice of terrorism, but a university spokesperson said he doesn't work there anymore.

The university is cooperating with the investigation.

Feldkamp has not returned requests for comment.

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