Ex-Executive Mansion Chef's New Claims Against Va. Gov.

The former chef of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell now claims the governor used state money and employees to host private and political events.

Todd Schneider, who was employed at the Executive Mansion, says the McDonnell family used him as a personal chef and shopper for dozens of events. He adds he was told to take the food instead of getting paid.

McDonnell has come under fire in recent weeks after reports surfaced that a campaign contributor gave his daughter, Cailin, a $15,000 check that she used to help pay the catering bill for her wedding reception in June 2011. McDonnell justified not reporting it on the statement of economic interest filed in January 2012 by noting that state law requires only gifts directly to officeholders to be disclosed.

Since then, it's been alleged that the McDonnell family took state-purchased items at the Executive Mansion for their personal use. McDonnell called the allegations "false," adding that he has reimbursed the state periodically for state-bought goods put to private purposes.

Schneider is in legal trouble himself. He's facing embezzlement charges. Prosecutors say he stole food from the mansion to use for his private catering business.


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