Ex of Missing Former ‘Skins Cheerleader in Court Today

Man faces assault charges unrelated to disappearance

As police continue to search for missing showgirl Debbie Flores-Narvaez, her ex-boyfriend is expected to appear in a Las Vegas court Tuesday.

Police reports show that Jason Blu Griffith faces assault charges after an October incident in which he is accused of hitting and kicking Flores-Narvaez. Those reports also reveal that Flores-Narvaez told police that she is pregnant with Griffith’s child.

Flores-Narvaez, originally from Baltimore and a one-time Washington Redskins cheerleader, went missing last Sunday. She reportedly left a rehearsal for the “Fantasy” show at the Luxor hotel and paid a visit to Griffith. But police say Griffith told them that they had a short conversation and then Flores-Narvaez left, only saying she was going home.

A day later, Flores-Narvaez’s car was found abandoned in a parking lot off the Las Vegas strip.

Flores-Narvaez’s family says they are aware of the sometimes-volatile relationship Debbie allegedly had with Griffith. At this point however, Griffith is not considered a suspect and police say that he has been cooperative.

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