End of Days for Circulator’s Upper G’Town Service

Adams Morgan, Union Station get new stops

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First, a moment of silence for the end of the DC Circulator's service through upper Georgetown. Taking the regular Metro bus instead just won't be the same.

Sure, you actually have two more weeks until the end of days for Circulator service on Wisconsin Ave., NW, from M Street, NW to Whitehaven St., but some of us need to start mourning now. We actually wrote to the Mayor.  Thanks, Georgetown Metropolitan and WeLoveDC.

But there is a semi-silver lining to the cuts. The District's Department of Transportation says following stops will be added to Circulator's regular runs:

  • K Street & 30th Street, NW (Union Station–Georgetown route)
  • K Street & Wisconsin Ave., NW (Union Station–Georgetown route)
  • Louisiana and D Streets, NE in both directions (Union Station–Navy Yard Metro route)
  • Columbia Rd., NW at Ontario Rd., in both directions (Woodley Park/Adams Morgan–McPherson Metro Station route)

As for G'town, on Sunday, Sept. 4, these are the stops where Circulator service ends:

  • Whitehaven Street, NW & Wisconsin Ave
  • Wisconsin Ave & 34th Street, NW
  • Wisconsin Ave & Q Street, NW
  • Wisconsin Ave & P Street, NW
  • Wisconsin Ave & O Street, NW
  • Wisconsin Ave & Dumbarton Street, NW
  • Wisconsin Ave & N Street, NW

In addition, the Circulator will no longer serve any stops on the north side of M Street, NW, because it will only operate eastbound on M Street.

The stop at Wisconsin Ave. & M Street (in front of the now-closed Nathan's Restaurant) will also move onto Wisconsin Ave. instead of M Street.

And if you were counting on the Smithsonian-National Mall loop, which ran on weekends only, to take visiting relatives around the Mall, etc., that's gone too -- albeit temporarily. 

As of Oct. 4, the Smithsonian-National Mall loop will be discontinued through the fall and winter months. Weekend service will resume on April 3, 2010.  

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