Emergency Drill Conducted at Dulles

Dulles International Airport is conducting an emergency preparedness exercise Saturday morning, according to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

The Washington Post reported the drill began at 9 a.m. and was scheduled to continue until noon.

The exercise will simulate an aircraft accident and test emergency operations at Dulles, while providing training for airport and emergency crews.

So don’t be surprised if you see a brigade of emergency vehicles near Route 28 and Route 50 near Dulles. You may also see smoke. Not to worry though, it is planned as part of the exercise, officials said. They want to be as prepared as possible in the event of an actual emergency and therefore will be reacting as if it were the real deal. This will also include simulated injuries and EMT response, similar to those conducted at high schools to discourage drinking and driving.

"The FAA requires us to do this every three years," said airport manager Christopher Browne. "The training is a continuum -- we're always training -- but the drills themselves have become more complex. You'll notice this scenario involves not just an aircraft but vehicles. We also have simultaneously a drill testing our family assistance plan that would contend with family members in the terminal in the event that there was a mishap."

Normal airport operations will not be affected during the exercise.

About 150 people volunteered to participate in the drill.

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