Elderly Woman Vacates Long-Time Va. Home

After about two months of refusing to give up her Virginia home in a property rights dispute, a 96-year-old woman has succumbed the fight and is moving to Colorado.

Jeanne Simmons purchased her Falls Church, Va. area town home for $1,000 back in 1957.

Built in the 1940s, the Hillwood Square town house complex where Simmons lived was sold in June to property development company Avalon Bay. The complex is a co-op, meaning each resident owns one share. Simmons was among a group of residents who fought the sale, but lost when two-thirds of the owners voted in favor of the deal.

Residents were given until Aug. 23 to move out. Everyone left, except Jeanne Simmons.

"I like Virginia," Simmons told News4 earlier this summer. "I like this house even with all the flaws."

A water main break forced the City of Falls Church to have the water to her apartment cut off, but her friends, neighbors and Avalon Bay had brought her jugs of water. 

This week, Simmons gave up her fight and is moving to Colorado to live with her son.

"It was a beautiful community," she said. "[My son] asked me, 'From one to 10, how happy are you here?' I said, 'Without hot water, I am not happy at all.'"

A spokesperson for Avalon Bay released the following statement:

"We are pleased that AvalonBay and Mrs. Simmons were able to reach a mutually beneficial resolution to this unfortunate situation. We wish Mrs. Simmons and her family well."

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