Edison Mission Group Statement

Pinnacle Project

Edison Mission Group is committed to being a good corporate citizen and complying with all regulatory requirements associated with the permit issued by the PSC.  We have experience operating some 30 wind energy projects in 11 states, and understand that issues often need to be addressed with local residents during initial operations -- and throughout the life of a project.  We have received complaints regarding noise from the Pinnacle Project and the condition of Tasker Road after construction.  A need for some level of road restoration work after construction is not unusual, and we will resurface Tasker Road, with the state Department of Transportation fully engaged in that project.  Additionally, we have conducted noise studies at Pinnacle to ensure that we are in compliance. Those studies indicate that we meet requirements of our permit, but  we are currently testing technology that could reduce noise from the turbines and will keep the community advised of our progress and plans. We take issues raised by residents seriously and are meeting with individuals to explore any concerns in detail.

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