Early Md. Voting Steady; No Voter Intimidation

Both national parties have warned about voter intimidation or voter fraud in next week's election. In Maryland, state Democratic leaders urged voters to be alert to any issues.

Early voters in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where there was a steady pace of people, said they have seen no serious issues. Maryland Democratic leaders and nonpartisan groups visited the Wayne K. Curry Sports and Learning Center in Landover, Maryland, encouraging turnout and warning against any intimidation.

“The right to vote is not only a sacred right, it is also a sacred obligation,” said Angela Alsobrooks, state’s attorney for Prince George’s County. “We had parents and grandparents who stood in front of dogs and water hoses and really gave their lives for the right to have us vote."

Election monitors reported strong turnouts in early Maryland voting, which lasts until Nov. 3. There have been no serious reports of voter interference.

“Nah, I haven't run into anyone like that,” one voter said. “And I made up my mind before I left home who i was going to vote for.”

“No, not at all. Very pleasant,” said one voter about any intimidation. “I did hear about it on the news, but I haven't seen anything like that.”

Early voting in D.C. is available at One Judiciary Square and several community centers throughout the District. Virginia does not allow early voting, but people can vote absentee.

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