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E Street on White House's South Side Closed for Foreseeable Future ‘Based on Current Threat Environment': Secret Service

The U.S. Secret Service is replacing almost a third of a mile of security barriers outside the White House and E Street on the south side of the White House will remain closed indefinitely “based on the current threat environment,” according to a Secret Service work order obtained by News4.

The Secret Service wants to replace the row of jersey barriers and fencing near the Ellipse. The barriers currently in place were not intended for long-term use.

Work could begin next month.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service and National Park Service is still planning a larger security overhaul — a new, taller White House fence and gates — but public records show that project has hit a delay.

White House and Capitol Security Breaches

Source: NBC4 I-Team
Last updated: Aug. 8, 2018

A public meeting to discuss the project was scheduled to happen by June 21, but News4 was told it hasn’t happened yet.

The government has been under pressure to further bolster security on the White House grounds after a quick succession of fence jumpers and breaches there.

In one case in 2014, a fence jumper made it all the way to the East Room of the White House before he was stopped.

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