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Dump Truck Driver Who Struck Woman Charged in Similar Crash 2 Years Ago: Sources

A man who was behind the wheel when his dump truck mowed over a woman in D.C. Tuesday has been arrested in a similar crash that happened in 2015, sources tell News4.

Ismael Alvarez, 62, was driving the large dump truck that struck and injured a woman as she was crossing the street Tuesday morning on South Dakota Avenue NE and 33rd Street NE.

The woman survived but was critically injured. Alvarez stayed at the scene.

Sources familiar with the investigation said Alvarez was involved in a similar crash two years ago that seriously injured a 22-year-old Gallaudet University student who was walking in a crosswalk on Florida Avenue.

According to court documents, Alvarez was charged with "colliding and fleeing," but he never showed up for trial. After Tuesday's crash, he was arrested in the 2015 case.

The Gallaudet student also named Alvarez in a $25 million lawsuit against Fort Myer Construction Corporation, the company Alvarez works for.

According to court records, the student suffered injuries to his brain, broken bones in his legs and arms and other internal wounds. He went through several operations and spent months in the hospital.

News4 has reached out to Fort Myer Construction Corporation for comment, but has not yet received a response.

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