Dulles Toll Road Tolls Going Up

Drivers are about to pay more to ride the Dulles Toll Road, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority decided today.

One-way tolls will go up 50 cents Jan. 1, from $2.25 to $2.75. Then, on Jan. 1 2014, the tolls will jump another 75 cents to $3.50.

The airports authority voted on the increase at a meeting today, as live-tweeted by News4 Transportation Reporter Adam Tuss. 

"For perspective, 50 cent hike starting Jan 1 is like an additional $20 per month for a driver who commutes both ways on Dulles Toll Road," Tuss tweeted from the meeting.

The higher tolls will be charged in two places. For the 50-cent, 2013 increase, the toll will rise by 25 cents at the mainline toll plaza and another 25 cents at an on/off ramp.

For the 2014 increase, the toll at the mainline toll plaza will go up another .75 cents. The toll at the on/off ramps will stay the same.

For the current tolls for vehicles with more than two axles, click here.

A large portion of toll road revenue is helping finance the Metro Silver Line extension, which is designed to link Dulles International Airport with the D.C. Metro system.

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