Dulles Customs Finds Cocaine in Chocolate Bars, Juice Boxes

Sweet, but really, really illegal

When is snack time potentially a federal offense?

Oh, when your snacks contain four pounds of cocaine.

That's what Customs and Border Protection officers at Dulles discovered Sunday night. They seized 1,877 grams -- or four pounds, two ounces -- of cocaine tucked away in chocolate bars and drink boxes.

The forbidden treats turned up in a Guatemalan woman's luggage. The woman had arrived on a flight from El Salvador, and was referred for a secondary inspection.

In her luggage, officers found eight chocolate bars, six of which contained a cocaine center instead of the more traditional caramel or nougat.

Six small drink boxes also contained plastic bags of cocaine.

The street value of the drugs was approximately $130,000.

In lieu of criminal charges, the woman was deported. The Privacy Act prohibits releasing her name since she wasn’t criminally charged.

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