Dramatic Video Evidence Shows Anger, Chaos, Challenges of Inauguration Day

Dramatic video evidence from the first trial of those charged in the Inauguration Day riots shows destruction and confrontations on the streets of downtown Washington. The hours of video also show police tactics and how prosecutors identified people suspected of rioting.

Federal prosecutors released the video Wednesday. Much of it was never before seen by the public.

Cellphone videos show demonstrators smashing out windows of businesses as they marched downtown.

The attack on a stretch limo on K Street is seen from several angles, ending with a demonstrator throwing a lit flare into the limo, which burst into flames moments later.

Police body cameras show officers rounding up dozens of protesters, which is also shown from the protesters’ viewpoint.

Some video shows innocent bystanders ducking for cover in a restaurant as a rioter smashed out the windows.

There also are scenes of protesters spraying graffiti.

Prosecutors used the video to identify suspects and follow them in the crowd.

It was evidence in the first trial of people charged with rioting. Those six defendants were found not guilty. Prosecutors acknowledged not having any evidence of those six physically contributing to the damage but argued they were responsible for the rioting because they moved through the city with the larger group.

About 200 others still face trial.

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