Kevin Spacey Headed to Annapolis Wine Bar to Promote ‘House of Cards’ Tax Credit

Getty Images

Imagine this: Kevin Spacey schmoozing with lawmakers, rubbing elbows and subtly attempting to influence them amid glasses of wine and polite chit-chat.

Except imagine that Spacey isn't portraying scheming politician Frank Underwood in the hit Netflix drama "House of Cards." He's playing himself.

Spacey is set to visit an Annapolis wine bar Friday night in an attempt to bolster support for a bill that would boost a tax credit for movie and television production companies that film in Maryland, reports the Washington Post.

Lobbyist Gerard E. Evans has invited the entire Maryland General Assembly to the Red Red Wine Bar, the Post reports.

"House of Cards" has shot much of its two seasons in Maryland, including in Baltimore and at the Maryland State House, where the House chamber was made over to look like the U.S. Senate for filming last June.

The show has been renewed for a third season, but its production company has threatened to relocate if the tax credit is not passed in Maryland.

The show created nearly 6,000 jobs and pumped more than $250 million into the state economy, according to the Post.

The bill, which would boost an annual tax credit to $18.5 to reward production companies that shoot in Maryland, has cleared the state Senate, but the House of Delegates has yet to vote.

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