Mom of Missing Kids Indicted for Murder: Sources

A Maryland mother has been indicted for the murders of her two children who have been missing in Montgomery County since 2014, sources familiar with the investigation tell News4.

Catherine Hoggle has an appearance in Montgomery County Circuit Court on Friday and she has been indicted on two counts of murder, according to the sources.

In August, an attorney for Catherine Hoggle told a judge he filed a motion to have misdemeanor charges against her dismissed, WTOP reported.

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According to WTOP, "unless the defendant is charged with a felony or a crime of violence, misdemeanor charges must be dropped after three years."

Hoggle told Montgomery County police she left 2-year-old Jacob and 3-year-old Sarah with a friend in September 2014 but has never given details on their whereabouts.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Age progression images of what Jacob and Sarah Hoggle might look like as of December 2016.

Police believe the Gaithersburg woman is responsible for the deaths of her children. She was charged with misdemeanor child neglect, abduction and hindering law enforcement, but mental health professionals have repeatedly found her "not competent" to stand trial.

Hoggle had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia before the children disappeared.

If the charges against her are dropped, Hoggle could potentially be released. But WTOP says that outcome is unlikely, as prosecutors would likely file other charges to keep her in custody. A judge could also place her under civil commitment if she is believed to still be a danger to herself or others.

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