Double Shooting in Laurel

Prince George's County police are investigating two shooting deaths in Laurel Wednesday morning.

Investigators believe that one of the shootings may have been self-inflicted.

A female victim was killed on the 14-700 block of Shiloh Court.  A male body was discovered on the 9100 block of Cherry Lane, also dead of a gunshot wound.

Police told News4's Tracee Wilkins that the female victim's 10-year-old son was a witness to the shooting.

"It's a sad situation all the way around," police spokesperson Jim Collins said.  Authorities said he was shot twice in the head.

The shooting suspect was found in an SUV parked behind a senior center.  Neighbors said the shooting suspect was the 10-year-old child's son.

Check back with News4 for more information as the story develops.

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