D.C. Public Charter School Board

Dorothy Height Charter School Shutting Down

Dorothy I. Height Community Academy Public Charter School, one of D.C.'s oldest and largest charter schools, is closing.

The D.C. Public Charter School Board voted unanimously to revoke the school's charter Thursday.

School officials say 1,600 students on four campuses will be affected by the closure.

The school's founder, Kent Amos, is accused of diverting millions of dollars from the school to a for-profit management company he created and using those funds for his own use. The allegations prompted the board to revoke the school's charter.

The board also felt it was important to make their decision now to allow parents the chance to enter the My School DC lottery by March 2.

Lawyers for the school oppose the revocation, adding that the board should not have acted before the completion of Amos' case, The Washington Post reported.

The school will be allowed stay open for the remainder of the school year; its doors will officially close June 30.

Board members sent a letter to parents Thursday, detailing the plans they've made for students at each of the school's campuses for the 2015-2016 school year:

  • D.C. Public Schools will take over operations for all 590 students at Dorothy Height's Burdick Campus.
  • Friendship Public Charter School will take Armstrong Campus' 523 students.
  • DC Bilingual Public Charter School will relocate to the Keene Campus at 33 Riggs Road NE with its 350 students and add up to 90 students from Keene. The board says students at Keene may also attend Friendship Public Charter School with a guaranteed seat.
  • Friendship Public Charter School will also assume operations and 123 students from the Nicholson Campus/Online Academy.
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