Donald Trump Opens New Tennis Center in Sterling

Donald Trump was not dressed for tennis. But that didn't stop him from briefly hitting the courts -- against Serena Williams, no less -- to open the D.C. area's newest tennis facility.

He was there Tuesday to open the Tennis Performance Center at Trump National Golf Course in Sterling.

'This doesn't look like your average tennis facility, and I've been in a lot of tennis facilities," Williams said. "This one is the best one I've ever seen."

The new facility has five indoor, blue courts, inspired by the courts at the Australian Open -- which Wiliams won. Outdoor courts will get a re-do as well.

"We spent $10 million and built, I think, one of the great indoor facilities of the world," Trump said. "We're really happy with it."

Trump National Golf Club will host the Senior PGA Championship in 2017, and members of the private club say the new tennis center may put the area on the map for a national tennis audience as well.

"I don't think there's anything like this on the east coast that I know of," said one resident.

"We put tens and tens of millions of dollars into the place and all the surrounding houses have gone up substantially in value," said Eric Trump.

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