Domestic Violence Survivor Discusses Staying Safe at Home During Quarantine

Domestic violence incidents tend to spike during times of crisis and economic uncertainty

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A man who survived severe domestic abuse by his ex-girlfriend for years is speaking out in an effort to warn others who may be staying with their abusers during quarantine. 

“Things turned physical years ago,” said Jerome, a domestic abuse survivor. ”When you’re in love, you seem to turn your head.”

In February, his ex-girlfriend ran him over with a truck. He had to undergo two surgeries on his leg.

He hopes that by speaking out now, he can help others who may be in dangerous situations at home.

“Catch it now before it’s too late,” he said. “The signs are already out there, the red flags already up.”

Karalyn Mulligan, the Domestic Violence Coordinator for University of Maryland Capitol Region Health, points to a spike in domestic abuse incidents and times of crisis and economic uncertainty.

“It’s important for them to create a safety plan,” she said, also noting that the stay-at-home orders will not prevent a victim from getting away from their abusers. 


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Shelters, providers and hotlines are all open for domestic abuse victims.

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