Dog Stolen From DC Yard Returned to Owner

A puppy snatched from a Southwest D.C. resident's yard has been returned, the dog's owner says

Terrell Prutzman told police his golden Labrador retriever, named Cruz, was stolen from his yard last month, and on Thursday, police released surveillance video of two people of interest in the case.

In the video, a man and a woman are walking on a sidewalk with a leashed dog when they see another dog behind a fence. After the dog jumps up to greet them, the woman walks away with the leashed dog. But the man is shown reaching down, grabbing the dog by the collar and lifting it over the fence. The man is then seen carrying the dog away.

"It's just hard having to explain to my family that our puppy got stolen," Prutzman said before Cruz was found. "We try to stay positive, but it's just been a while so you really start to expect the worst."

Prutzman said he planned to have a chip put in Cruz.

"I couldn't imagine. I would hunt them down," said neighbor and dog owner Helen Fisher.

Prutzman said police returned Cruz to him Thursday night, but he does not know the details of how his puppy was found.

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